Repair Butter for Hands and Feet


Get off on the right foot with this repair butter for hands and feet. 100% plant-based and made of carefully selected natural ingredients. Deeply moisturizes, nourishes and promotes healing. Includes lavender, lemon and orange essential oils. A shock treatment for your cracked and chapped hands and feet. No wonder it’s so popular!

Now available in trial size (28 g)
Offer a little sweetness to our health professionals whose dry hands also need care in this difficult times.

85 g


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Apply daily, preferably before bedtime, and protect your hands and feet using cotton socks or gloves.

Before applying, take a foot soak to soften the skin and optimize the effects of the repair butter.

Soy, mowrah, shea butter, kokum, mango and cocoa butters and lemon, orange and lavender essential oils.

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