Rice Bran Oil in Cosmetics

Quai des Bulles stands out for the use of cold-pressed rice bran oil to make cold-process soaps, creams, body lotions, lip balms, massage bars, bath sweets, macerated oils, face masks, butters, pomades, scrubs and more.

Rice bran oil (Oryza sativa) is a cold-pressed oil. Liquid in appearance (slightly turbid at room temperature) and golden yellow, its slight odour and discreet taste are reminiscent of rice or even hazelnut. The rice husk (the bran) is called pericarp. The oil retains the vast majority of the active compounds and benefits of brown rice.

The extraordinary properties of rice bran oil make it a top choice for body care products. In making use of it, Quai des Bulles is a pioneer in the field of handmade cosmetics.


  • Its anti-aging action and anti-oxidant properties prevent and combat the harmful effects of free radicals that are responsible for skin aging. They protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, pollution and environmental damage.
  • Rich in essential fatty acids, trace elements, vitamin E, and mineral salts, rice bran oil helps moisturize the skin and promotes skin microcirculation.
  • Rice bran oil has healing, restructuring, soothing, cicatrizing, repairing (reduces skin inflammation) and decongesting properties.
  • It penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy residue.


  • Care of dry and sensitive skin, dermatosis-prone skin (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne)
  • Care of irritated and damaged skin
  • Ideal for mature skin
  • Eye care (dark circles, congestion) and facial care