Kamouraska’s Handmade Soap Factory

Quai des Bulles is a handmade soap factory located in the heart of Kamouraska, in the Lower St. Lawrence region (province of Quebec). Our company is a leading producer of cold-process soap made from rice bran oil as well as of handmade, natural and eco-friendly body care products. Since its inception in 2004, Quai des Bulles has carved itself a place of choice in the natural cosmetics community. All of our products are handcrafted locally by a passionate team. Our reputation is built on the diversity, quality and simplicity of our products.

Premium, Natural Products

Quai des Bulles remains steadfast in its mission to produce premium handmade cosmetics in an eco-friendly way using natural, biodegradable ingredients. Our position in the marketplace is based on our high-value-added approaches: finding plant-based active ingredients and formulating premium, natural body care products. We carefully select simple, natural ingredients that result in finished products of superior quality. Our favourite ingredient is rice bran oil. Its nourishing and moisturizing properties, as well as its versatility in processing, make it an ingredient of choice. We belong to the class of innovative SMEs that are working upstream of the major brands and contributing to the resurgence of natural products.

All Quai des Bulles products are made in our Kamouraska workshop—which is open to the public—using natural and biodegradable raw materials such as cold-pressed oils, dried herbs, plant extracts, vegetable emulsifiers and waxes, therapeutic essential oils, fair trade organic shea butter and ultraventilated clays. Many of our ingredients are also locally produced, including essential fir or cedar oil, seaweed from Gaspésie, rosehip flowers, Manicouagan marine mud, apples, blueberries, carrots, sea buckthorn, beeswax and even beer!

A Controlled Production Line

Because the quality of our products is the cornerstone of our business, we choose to fully control the manufacturing process. Saponification, extraction, maceration, filtration and concentration: All processes are controlled and follow strict manufacturing protocols. We are dedicated to following through on our commitments. We choose to integrate all the stages of product creation and be involved in every step of the process, from material selection to the finished product. This makes it possible for us to properly inform the end user, that is, the consumer.

Human Resources at the Heart of Our Success

We believe that people are key to a company’s success. Building on our experience, we select our staff based not only on performance, but even more importantly, on their ability to function as a team and enjoy their work. By taking on a wide range of responsibilities, our employees discover their talents and interests. A desire to learn and pursue a meaningful career is essential; we focus on fully empowering our employees, developing their creative potential and offering continuing education.

A Unique Experience

The customer experience—which naturally includes thoroughly enjoying the benefits of our products—is at the heart of our approach. Every member of our team is available to listen to your needs in order to provide you with advice and guide you toward the right products. A tour of our handmade soap factory and workshop will allow you to chat with our soap makers and learn more about our manufacturing techniques.

We wish to express our deep appreciation to our loyal clientele, which has been growing since our very beginnings. Come visit us!