Pillow Mists


Light mists to be sprayed on your pillow before you drift off in the arms of Morpheus. No more snoring, stress or congested nose! Enjoy the benefits of essential oils that promote relaxation and help clear your airways. For a nap in seventh heaven.

125 mL



Helps to reduce snoring.

Bien-être respiration
Eucalyptus and maritime pine.

Promotes relaxation.

Promotes relaxation.

Spray lightly on the pillow before going to sleep.

Antironron : Water, alcohol and essential oils of rosemary, sweet orange, basil, maritime pine and bergamot.

Bien-être respiration :Water, alcohol and essential oils of eucalyptus, maritime pine and lemon.

Lavender : Water, alcohol and lavender essential oil.

Synergie-relaxation : Water, alcohol and essential oils of rosewood, sweet orange, petitgrain, lavender and rosemary.