Grey Clay Soap from Kamouraska


This grey clay soap from Kamouraska is recommended for normal or oily skin, as is green clay. Rich in trace minerals, magnesium, calcium and potassium, gray clay softens and revitalizes the epidermis. With lemongrass essential oil added, this soap promotes elimination of toxins and stimulates blood circulation. Antiseptic and deodorant properties. Fresh and light odour.

100 g

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Skin types: normal skin and oily skin

Grey clay from Kamouraska is hand-harvested by our supplier and then washed, sieved, filtered and sun-dried before being crushed. Kamouraska grey clay is a 100% natural product that is obtained through a traditional manufacturing process. This unique powder is perfect for your beauty care recipes!

Saponified rice bran, coconut and organic palm oils, water, rosemary essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, gray clay from Kamouraska.